Love & Hip-Hop: Miami could finally be happening.

There have been whispers that Love & Hip-Hop would be expanding to Miami, and it looks like the spinoff may finally be close to reality (no pun intended.) According to Trick Daddy, the show will begin filming in May and the Miami rap veteran told Bossip that he is definitely among the cast.

“I just met with [executive producer] Mona [Scott-Young] last week and we’re trying to do this thing right,” Trick said. “Put some real Miami bitches and real Miami n----s on the show.”

Trick's storyline reportedly will center on his management of two up and coming artists: Premadonna and Mike Smith.

“It’s all gonna come out on the show,” he said. “We’re just trying to do what we do, do what I do.”

“I’m really doing Love & Hip Hop Miami because there’s a difference between Old Cutler (a highway that runs through Miami to the Everglades) money and South Beach money,” he said. “Old Cutler money is grandfathered in, South Beach is investors.”

Trick says don't expect him to be a buffoon for the cameras, though.

“One thing I won’t do is make a fool of myself,” Trick said. “If we gone make a fool of somebody it won’t be me, so it’ll be interesting.”

And according to The Shade Room, another Miami hip-hop star is set to appear on the show. Trina is rumored to be joining the cast--but the rapper hasn't confirmed anything as of yet.

"A close source confirmed that yes indeed the Diamond Princess is about to make Monday nights a little icier!!" says TSR. "Lord with Trina and Trick Daddy on a show together you know this show is definitely going to be turnt up!"

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