Since that offensive video came out of the SAE fraternity chanting a racist song, the topic of the N-word has once again become a part of the national conversation. Rapper Trinidad James went on CNN to talk about the SAE's house mother using the racial slur and how he felt when he saw the video.

"I honestly think that somebody's trying to be sarcastic and play a joke on this old lady," said the rapper. "She looks old, and she looks drunk. I saw that two years ago when it came out. I didn't say anything about it, because life is just so much bigger than that."

Political commentator Ben Ferguson, who was among a panel discussion with Professor Mark Lamont Hill, blasted James for using the word and said that he makes money every time he drops the N-word. "I'll be honest with you," said Ferguson. "I think you know that we should probably get rid of the n-word, but in reality, I think many rappers are afraid they will lose out on money and sales and street cred it they don't stop using the word."

The "All Gold Everything" spitter clapped back. "I'm making money off of doing music and being creative, sir," said James. "I'm not making money just because I use the n-word. Nobody goes to buy an album because it's full of the n-word."

Ferguson then suggested that James wouldn't even be relevant if not for the word. "Trinidad, you wouldn't be on this show tonight if it wasn't for using the n-word in your rap music. Let's be honest," he replied.

Props to Trinidad James for disregarding Ferguson's idiotic comments about people using the n-word for "street cred" and sales.

You can check out the entire panel discussion both above and below. Let us know what you think of this discussion in the comments section.

Watch Trinidad James in CNN Panel Discussion About the Use of the N-Word

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