Just days after lost his deal on Def Jam, Trinidad James hits the booth to drop the introspective cut 'Doin' Me,' where he talks about recollecting himself and getting back to basics.

"Lebron back home, throw the bouquet / That's the last thing I chant for like two days / Sometimes I wish, I wish I never new fame / Got a deal and lost it, I'm back to doing me," he spits over an acoustic piano riff.

On August 2, in a now deleted tweet, the 'All Gold Everything' rapper said he has no money and is unable to pay people for beats and features, so it's obviously a difficult time for him, which you can clearly feel in the song.

He even suggests that he regrets making those now infamous comments about New York hip-hop falling off.

"So much burnt bridges, broken trust trying to renovate / I can't trust these n----, these haters take my energy," he rhymes, before launching into a singing style.

Produced by Raak, the slow tempo track finds James showing a little more lyrical dexterity compared to past songs, but at a lengthy 5:21 it's a little too long, and should have been cut down some.

Either way, 'Doin Me' sparks the beginning of the Atlanta rapper's post-Def Jam career and it'll be interesting to see where he goes from here.

Listen To Trinidad James' Song 'Doin' Me'

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