The 2021 Hurricane Season is slowly but surely moving closer and closer to its end. For all of us, that end can't come soon enough. It was just this past Saturday that we reflected on the one year anniversary of Hurricane Delta.

There are many residents of south and southwest Louisiana especially that have yet to recover from that storm, much less the devastation that was inflicted on the area one year and one month earlier by the landfall of Hurricane Laura. 

Over the weekend forecasters were monitoring an area of disturbed weather off the Carolina coast. It was our hope that this system would have fizzled out by this morning and we could have reported on an "all-quiet" in the tropics but that is not the case.

Not only has that system not dissipated. There have been two other systems that have joined the "watch party" so to speak. But, before we move too far ahead on those let's get you caught up on the system that is closest to the continental United States. That would be the system just off the Carolina coast.

Forecasters do not give this system much of a chance to strengthen. In fact, it will likely dissipate completely over the next five days. However, it will still bring some showers and squally weather to the Outer Banks and portions of the Del-Mar-Va Peninsula over the next few days.

Another system is located in the Caribbean Sea due south of Puerto Rico. This system has been given a 20% probability for strengthening over the next five days. However, track guidance does not move this system toward the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, most of the models suggest, that if the system does maintain its strength or get stronger, it will move across the Dominican Republic and then east of the Bahamas.

The third area of concern is another batch of disturbed weather featuring showers and thunderstorms. It is about 400 miles east of the Windward Islands. It has been given a 30% chance of strengthening over the next five days. However, track model guidance with this system also suggests that it will not be an issue for the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the model guidance brings this system over the eastern islands and then out to sea.

Elsewhere, the Gulf of Mexico remains quite calm and quiet. By the way, the Atlantic Hurricane Season has only about six weeks left. It runs from June 1st through November 30th.

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