What do Lil Jon, Jose Canseco & Meatloaf have in common ? Probably more than we would think, but one thing for sure is that they will all be participating as part of the new cast of Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice."According to People.com, The Donald-who revealed yesterday that he had turned down a recently troubled Lindsay Lohan for the new season along with 35 to 40 others-announced that Season 4 will feature some "very talented people."


Talented people like singers Meatloaf, David Cassidy, Dionne Warwick and Latoya Jackson. Other celebs like sports star Jose Canseco, Survivor winner Richard Hatch and actor Garey Busey.


Other stars making the new season include Lil Jon, singer John Rich, Mark McGrath, Playboy Playmates, models and even Star Jones who Trump called, "really, really smart."

I'm putting my money on Lil Jon !!! For the complete list and more deets, check out the story at People.com

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