It's election day in America, and passionate voters are pulling out all of the stops in hopes that the election swings their way. Someone was passionate enough to fly a banner that reads "Trump <3's Jerry Jones & The Cowboys" over the city of Philadelphia.

Pictures of the banner itself as well as a screenshot of the flight path the plane toting the banner were posted to Twitter by @_travishughes and you can see them below.

Whatever your political opinion is, this is pretty funny.

Just about everybody, except Cowboys fans, hates the Cowboys. This seems like a pretty hilarious attempt to put a unique negative reason voting for President Trump, especially for Eagles fans who despise Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

Whatever happens in this election, I think it is safe to say that 2020 has brought with it some all-time-high levels of PETTY! This banner is just more proof of that fact.

And whatever the political opinion is of the person who made this banner happen, we can all pretty much agree that Cowboys stink.

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