The Tupac Shakur hologram (aka “Holopac”) made a return engagement at the Coachella Festival Sunday night (April 23), according to MTV News. Reactions have mixed about the virtual Tupac — some were amazed while others were spooked. Tupac hologram’s debut performance last weekend also sparked rumors of a major tour, including holograms of other late artists.

In a backstage video from Coachella, Dr. Dre squashed all the rumors that a tour with the 2-D Tupac was in the works. “It was strictly for Coachella,” says Dre in the video. “Get it right. I want to get rid of all the rumors out there. This was not done for a tour.”

Dr. Dre also thanked Digital Domain for created the life-like Tupac and AV Concepts for projecting the performance onto the Coachella stage. The G-Funk originator, however, did leave the door open for a possible trek. “If a tour happens, we’ll see,” he said, adding, “this was done strictly for Coachella 2012, baby, just for you.”

Thank you Dr. Dre for bringing something unique to the Coachella stage and reminding us why we love Tupac Shakur so much.

Watch Dr. Dre’s Coachella Message to Fans

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