Twitter is a wild place. Sometimes it can be very dark and dangerous, but other times it produces absolute GOLD. 'Twitter Thursday - Gold Picks' are dedicated to the gold that I find on Twitter throughout the week.

Let's start with the most confusing work of art I've ever seen @RexChapman

I had no clue where this was going until the end but... WOW! A mural of the little girl that got painted completely behind AND upside-down. I so terrible at any type of painting or drawing that I am amazed by videos like this. The vision is incredible!

Let's switch gears now and check in with the local P.E. coach @YoungBenji_

This man either has some crazy fast hands or incredible rhythm. Maybe both! Either way  he has this group of kids, which I'm guessing are his students, absolutely mesmerized by the fancy fist work on the speed bag. I would be a little concerned if I ever ended up in a bar fight with this guy.

Now we will check in with some underwater life @YoungPageviews

The ocean amazes me. It is so vast and we know so little about it. The fact that animals that look like this live in the ocean and are just cruising around enjoying their life. The whole ecosystem of the ocean is just a beautiful thing. Shoutout to Wobbegong Sharks!

You know I couldn't resist throwing some Michael Scott content in this week @jsellsss

Michael Scott in moments of distress work almost TOO well for a VOGUE cover shoot. I would love for this to be remade in real life and for Steve Carrell to do a full shoot. Just pure emotion. Pure magic.

That's it for my 'Twitter Thursday - Gold Picks' Vol. 5. Be sure to check in with me next Thursday for more Twitter Gold. Follow me on Twitter @SCARENCRO and be sure to mention me in any GOLD that you think deserves to be on a future volume.


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