Over the holiday weekend, a trending topic on Twitter has been #why90srocked and people have been coupling the hashtag with some of the most outrageous yet awesome stuff from the 90's. Being that I am an 80's baby and a child of the 90's I decided to share my top 5 things from the 90's.

1. The Internet Before "The Internet"

Before high speed connections, and 3G on our smartphones, the most popular way people got "online" was through America Online. We all got the "25 hours free" CD. It came in the mail. We installed it on our Windows 95 computer. We dialed up. We waited. Waited some more. Then FINALLY, connected, to find out only 2 "buddies" were online, but, for the 30 minutes our parents allowed, we did anything and everything the internet could offer back then. Unless someone needed the phone, and kicked us "offline".

2. NBA JAM/Tecmo Super Bowl/Mortal Kombat

I'd like to think that 15% of my existence in the 90's (or more) was consumed between Tecmo Super Bowl, NBA JAM & Mortal Kombat alone.

Whether you had Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, or in most cases, all 3, these games were a staple in the 90's for anyone with a gaming system.

You had at LEAST one of these three titles or a neighbor close enough by that could fulfill the urge if need be. Some people will even argue that the gameplay of these titles can't even be rivaled by the top selling games of this day in age. I might have to agree with that argument.

3. The Shirt Over The Shirt

Sometimes called "the grunge" look. The shirt over the shirt can mean multiple things. It could mean the flannel over the T-shirt. It could mean the longsleeve shirt under the short sleeve shirt. It could mean the turtleneck under the polo. However you chose to wear it, the 90's definitely embraced "The 2 shirt combo".


Need I say more?

5. Recording Off The Radio

Now of course I love technology (after all my name is Digital) but one thing that bothers me is that my future children will never experience the joy of "home taping". With the state of how music is distributed and consumed in this "digital age", it is almost laughable to think that at one time the cry was "Home Taping Is Killing The Music Industry". I can remember being young, waiting for the nightly "countdown" on my favorite radio station with a blank tape in the deck. The REC, PLAY and PAUSE buttons were pressed in and the trick was to "un-pause" the recording process when your favorite song hit the airwaves.

When the song was over, you would simply press pause again on the tape that you were recording on and wait for the next jam. There was a skill involved of course. You had to make sure you got as little of the radio DJ talkover as possible and your levels had to be right so that the volume on your tape would be the best possible level for playback. These were my first "mixtapes" and sometimes the only way to "get" a song before the artist would put out the CD or tape that featured the single. In the 90's it was the norm to hear a single on the radio MONTHS before the album hit stores. Now, we often get unfinished "leaks" of tracks before they are even completed in the studio! Technology right !? .... or wrong ??

Please feel free to comment below with YOUR favorite clothing/junk/food/stuff etc. from the 90's!