I don't know about you, but I get really happy when I see a vending machine, and to think that someone broke into one really fires me up because that money represents someone's livelihood, or at least it's a portion of someone's livelihood. Either way, stealing is against the law.

It may not seem like much, but whatever money is in those machines belongs to the people who own the machines not the two guys who broke into the machines near a store.

Yesterday morning at around 2 o'clock two people can be seen on surveillance camera in front of a grocery store at Louisiana Highway 93 and Destination Pointe breaking into a vending machine according to Scott Police Chief Chad Leger.

Now, to add salt to the wound, there is quite a distance between the machine, the camera and the suspects.

Police are hoping the public can help them figure out who these two suspects are.

Identifying the two people allegedly involved in this case might be a tough time as police officials say the only thing that can really be determined by the surveillance camera video is that two men were seen wearing all dark colored clothing.

There was a car at the scene, and Chief Leger says the car is a small vehicle that has a trunk that is painted orange in color, and the rest of the car is black.

According to the Chief, it is not possible to tell which direction the car drove off in, and so that is another strike against having more information about this case.

They are hoping that someone can give them information that will lead to the arrest of these two people.

If you think you know these men, or if you perhaps recognize the car, you are asked to contact officers with the Scott Police Department by calling 337-233-3715.

There is also another way to give information to authorities. You can call the Lafayette Crime Stoppers line at 337-232-TIPS(8477).

If you call in to give police information, you can remain anonymous if you choose.

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