Houston Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole stepped off the mound during the 7th inning of Game 5 of the World Series on Sunday night, perhaps getting a glance of two women exposing their breasts.

Julia Rose and Lauren Summer, two social media influencers and models with large a large Instagram following, flashed Cole and the FOX cameras, which inadvertently aired the women's breasts to millions of viewers.

The two models hoped to gain exposure from the stunt, and as a result, raise money for women battling breast cancer. Mission accomplished.

MLB banned Rose and Summer from MLB ballparks for life, sending a letter to both after the models identified themselves on social media.

“The fans who were involved in exposing themselves during Game 5 of the World Series violated the Nationals’ fan code of conduct. As a result, they were removed from the stadium and are suspended indefinitely from attending an MLB ballpark or facility,” MLB said in a statement.


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