He still loves LSU.

Tyrann Mathieu of the New Orleans Saints showed up Sunday night in the Superdome wearing a Joe Burrow jersey.

While Burrow may no longer be on the team, that did not stop the Saints defensive star from supporting the quarterback that brought a national title to LSU.

And while the jersey had the obvious purple and gold, Burrow's name on the jersey was spelled like it was the night he took the field in Baton Rouge one last time.

Too bad LSU fell short against Florida State Sunday night in New Orleans, but the jersey that Matthieu wore to support the team he once played for was sick.

Here's the photo that is making its way around social media.

If you don't recall, here's Joe Burrow taking the field prior to his final game at LSU. No, he did not play the game with this jersey on but check out his last name on it here.


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