Perhaps the most successful U.S. athlete of all-time, Michael Phelps, will not be walking into the 2012 Summer Olympics with his team this week. According to Yahoo Sports, the 14-time gold medalist told reporters he won't join his teammates during Friday night's celebration in order to rest for his first event the following morning.Yes, you read that correctly, Phelps has elected to not take part in the opening ceremonies with his team because he fears that the late night ceremony could interfere with his performance Saturday morning. The 14-time Olympic Gold Medalist is set to start his program with the 400 IM early Saturday morning. The problem for some athletes competing in the Olympics is that the the early morning events are just hours after the opening ceremonies.

If you are wondering, Phelps will NOT be the only athlete to skip the opening ceremonies. Several other athletes will forgo the walk with their teammates Friday night in preparation of their respective events early Saturday morning.



Like many other athletes not taking part in the opening ceremonies, Phelps will probably have to watch the opening ceremonies on television if he hopes to catch a glimpse of the beginning of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

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