Recently, talks went down on Twitter between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor as the both of them agreed to a charity "exhibition" fight. Now, Commissioner Dana White of the UFC has stepped in and offered to make the matchup a UFC official event.

Dana White released the news during an interview with Robbie Fox of 'Barstool Sports' and you can see his statement via @SpinninBackfist below

@espnMMA followed up with a Tweet of their own to show just how important of a statement White made

Lafayette Legend, Dustin Poirier, did not take long to accept the fight offer

Now, it looks like everyone is waiting on Conor McGregor to answer the call to the octagon.

McGregor was the one to offer Poirier the exhibition match, so there is not much reason to believe McGregor will turn down the option to face Poirier in an official UFC event.

More details to come as we await the response of Mr. Conor McGregor.

All I know is that if McGregor wants to come out of "retirement" and face Poirier, he better be ready for the battle of a lifetime.

UPDATE: Conor McGregor has Tweeted the below fight flyer


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