The object was moving at an extremely high rate of speed while fighter jets made a flyover.


YouTube via AliensSecure
YouTube via AliensSecure

Pentagon Tells Us About UFO's

Thanks to the Pentagon finally giving us real reports of UFO sightings, as well as numerous testimonies from pilots, we've learned that UFO encounters happen A LOT around the world's militaries, especially the likes of fighter jets, helicopters, and warships.

If the internet is to be believed, it looks like this may have happened once again over the weekend, only this time it was at a very public event, the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Parade.

UFO's at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th anniversary as monarch, nine fighter jets flew in formation over the parade, leaving contrails of smoke in the colors of red, white, and blue.

People across the internet expressed interest as they noticed on camera a very fast moving, shiny or white UFO that zoomed passed the fighter jets perpendicularly. The object looks to be about the size of a drone, however, no known drone can move as fast as this thing did.

A second video was taken from one of the jets in the formation. In this video, we're either seeing this UFO from another angle, or seeing a completely different UFO.

Video of UFO at Queen's Platinum Jubilee

In the video, it starts with the shot from the jet that is in formation. It's harder to make out, but if you look into the red smoke, toward the upper left side of the video, you can see a tiny light that moves around.

The video then repeats at a slightly slower rate to view the object better. It's revealed that there is another fighter jet just on the other side of the red smoke. So, could this have been a reflection off of that jet?

The video then cuts to what people saw as they were watching from their screens. This one is more visible, and more unexplainable. There's even an arrow that points out the UFO in the top right of the video, and then you watch as it zooms across the contrails of smoke.

We then get an extreme closeup from that video following the object once again.

Of course, the internet had reactions:


Some called it a lens flare, while others disagreed. And then there were the jokes:

"it's a WWII foo-fighter - they remember her from back then and want to thank her for the biscuits she left for them in Rendlesham" one Reddit user joked.

"Where are these things going? They always look like they’re in a hurry," another user said.

And then there's the ones that make you really think:

“I’ve thought about this a lot, we often just assume that things will be at a similar scale to us, but depending on the evolutionary diceroll it could be anything,” another explained. “What if dinosaurs had stayed the dominant species? What if it ends up being ants? Spaceship for ants joke aside, if we’re being visited by?”

One viewer went even deeper:

"Or that point of light is just the visual light spectrum signature of a larger craft..."

So, what do you think? Were aliens enjoying the Queen's Platinum Jubilee too? Or do you have a more logical explanation?

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