The 2012 UL Football team has decided to honor former UL student Mickey Shunick this year each time the team takes the field. UL officials say that team members will wear a decal portraying a girl on her bicycle on their helmets throughout the  2012 season.

The idea of putting a decal of the former UL student on the helmet came from a staff member, and then proposed his idea to Head Coach Mark Hudspeth. Coach thought the idea was great one, and the rest is history.

"What an inspirational story of courage — someone just fighting for her life," Hudspeth said. "I know our team is just very, very proud to honor one of our own students. Mickey Shunick was a student at UL when she was kidnapped and murdered on May 19th.

Since then, Brandon Scott Lavergene has plead guilty to murdering Mickey. On behalf of all of us here, we would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to UL and Coach Hudspeth for honoring such a true fighter. Like many on the UL football team, Mickey too never let go of the rope.

mickey shunick decal

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