As is normally the case, the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns drew extremely well for their respective home games at Yvette Girouard at Lamson Park in 2019.

Louisiana ended the 2019 season ranked 5th in the nation in average home attendance.

UL, who finished the regular season with an overall record of 47-4, including a 25-1 home record, drew 47,174 fans this season, averaging 1,814 per home contest.

In the final stats released by the NCAA, they have Louisiana drawing 38,144 fans this season, for an average of 1,467 fans a game.

The issue seems to be the tournaments the Cajuns played in, in which they played two home games in one day, and were credited for one attendance figure for one game, but were given zero attendance for the other, declining their average attendance numbers.

It's a glitch in the system; one that the NCAA will, hopefully, work out in the future.

But if you add up the attendance for every UL home game, using the official box scores, the numbers come out to those mentioned previously.

Alabama, who drew 67,467 fans, in 26 home games, ranked number one in the country, followed by Auburn, who drew 59,244 in 31 home games.

Arizona ranks third on the list, having drawn 58,849 in 28 games, with LSU checking in fourth, after drawing 54,267 in 34 home games.

Texas A&M ranks 5th on the list, having drawn 49,239 fans in 36 home dates.

UL ranks 6th in that department, after drawing 47,174 fans in 26 home games.

In terms of average attendance, Louisiana ranks 5th, after averaging 1,814 fans a game, one of only 16 schools in the nation that averaged more than 1,000 fans.

Alabama finished number 1 in average attendance, averaging 2,595 fans per home contest, followed by Arizona (2,102), Auburn (1,911), and Oregon (1,880) at 2-4, respectively.

View the final, unofficial attendance numbers, here.

Ranking high in attendance is nothing new, as the Cajuns typically draw among the best programs in the nation, now ranking in the top ten in attendance for three-consecutive years.

Hopefully, Louisiana will play at home, at least a couple of more times, in 2019, but that will depend on how they finish the year, and whether or not the selection committee selects them as a host school for a potential NCAA Regional.

Whether that happens, or not; 2019 proved once again that Yvette Girouard at Lamson Park is always a special place for UL softball!

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