It seems as if the in-state rivalry between the Ragin Cajuns of UL-Lafayette, and the Warhawks of UL-Monroe just had another log thrown on to the fire. The Cajuns bested the Warhawks 40-24 on ULM's home field, but it's the final play of the game during garbage time that seems to be getting unnecessary attention.

In the 4th quarter with just under two minutes remaining, the Cajuns took over after an interception by the defense. The Cajuns were up 34-24, so they began to run out the clock with a series of run plays. There was a four second differential between the play clock and the game clock, so on 4th and 6 as the play clock nearly wound down to zero, Coach Hudspeth called a timeout.

With only four seconds left on 4th down, the Cajuns would have to run a play that would expire the remaining seconds on the game clock and seal their hard fought victory against their in-state Sunbelt Conference rival. Quarterback Terrance Broadway took the snap as ULM brought the house with all 11 defensive players. Broadway carelessly chunked the ball into the air for what would more than likely be the incomplete pass that would take up the remaining time on the game clock and send the Ragin' Cajuns home as winners against a very solid ULM squad.

And then that careless pass fell into the arms of a wide open Jamal Robinson. Even the ULL receiver seemed surprised when he caught the ball, as he hesitantly jogged the remainder of the 81 yards for what would be the last of Broadway's four touchdown passes on the day. (see the play for yourself in the video below at 2:38)

From fans, to players and coaches, ULM was clearly unhappy with a final play that seemed to be quite "unsportsmanlike."

ULM beat writer Tabby Soignier tweeted

ulm beat writer tabby soignier tweets about final play in ulm ull game

After the game, Coach Mark Hudspeth explained saying that they didn't take a knee, because the Cajuns would have given the ball back to ULM deep into their territory with four seconds left. He said they talked about taking a safety, but didn't know if that would happen so the play call was to throw it down the field for what would probably be an incomplete pass, but would run off the remaining four seconds.

But they didn't send anyone back there to even cover them, so I can't control that they didn't even send anybody back there. They just rushed all 11 people, so you've got to cover the guys.

So, were the Cajuns REALLY trying to "run up" the score, or are the Warhawks just sour about being beaten on their home turf - especially after a week of trash talk against ULL fully-equipped with a hashtag campaign on Twitter labeled #CajunHateWeek?

The same ULM beat writer who tweeted about the Cajuns "classless" victory, decided elaborate with a full blown article in Monroe's paper, The News Star. A sour Soignier described Hudspeth's final play call as "the low road," insisting that even though the coach explained the technical football reasoning behind the play, she isn't buying it, calling  Hud's actions "out of line."

She even went on to compare the integrity of the players on each team - citing last weekend's arrests of two ULL non-starters Eric Ferguson and Darrell Green for alleged sexual battery, and the suspension of defensive players T.J. Worthy and Qyen Griffin.

You can read her entire article here, but be warned, it's chock full of whiny journalism from someone who is clearly a sore loser.

Oh, and if Tabby wants to talk about "running up the score," then maybe she should take a look back to the Warhawks matchup against Tulane on September 29, 2012. ULM scored on a 9-play, 94-yard TD drive against Tulane with 2:51 left in the 4th to go up 63-10, which would end up being the final score.

But we're classless? Please.

I prefer to see this as another competitive log, thrown on to the fire of a healthily-budding rivalry between two in-state Sunbelt rivals.

ULL vs. ULM 11/03/12 Game Highlights

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