Meet Uncle Bill. He's confused about the entire City of New Orleans and why it even exists in the first place given what had to be done for it all to happen. Bill also has a passionate message for the people of New Orleans as you'll see in this video.

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Uncle Bill has serious concerns over what Hurricane Ida did to the City of New Orleans. He's actually even more concerned over the fact that people will rebuild in New Orleans.

He doesn't understand why anyone would ever build a city below sea level. I can understand why Uncle Bill thinks it's crazy because, at first glance, it is crazy.

Why Was New Orleans Built Below Sea Level?

The fact is when the French officially founded New Orleans in 1718, the city was actually above sea level. As New Orleans became crowded in the 1800s, engineers began expanding the city, drying out the surrounding swampland and building.

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Things started to turn in 1895 when 5% of New Orleans was below sea level. By 1935, nearly 30% of the city was below sea level and, today, more than half the city now sits lower than the ocean. The city is truly a deepening bowl surrounded by water.


Hopefully, Uncle Bill will learn about this and rest a little easier knowing the city wasn't initially built below sea level.


Impact Via YouTube
Impact Via YouTube


Uncle Bill goes on to say "I hope you like shrimp and crawfish, cause you gonna be livin' with em for the next five or six months."

It's at the very end of this video where Uncle Bill really gets cranked up, and it's hilarious.

The more you watch this, the funnier it gets.

Clearly, there's nothing funny about the destruction Hurricane Ida caused in Southeast Louisiana, but hopefully, this quick little video can at least help you smile.


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