While the duck is not quite completely out of the bag, it appears that Uncle Si will be the latest Duck Dynasty family member that will be getting his own show.

This past year, A&E debuted Jep & Jessica: Growing The Dynasty, which followed the youngest Robertson brother and his family as they were adopting a new baby, Gus.

While the network hasn't officially released information regarding this spin-off, the production company for Duck Dynasty, Gurney Productions, has filed for a Louisiana state tax credit of $5.6 million for three shows.

We knew about Duck Dynasty and Jep & Jessica, we just didn't know about the Uncle Si Happy Hour.

Actually, word is the show will be called "Going Si-Ral" and according to documents, production will begin on June 13, 2016 and will wrap up July 22, 2016.

No word yet when it will air but rest assured it will highly anticipated. And that's a fact Jack!

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