Officials with Louisiana State Police say a one-year-old child died in a crash at around 10:30 Sunday morning. The child was unrestrained at the time of the crash, and he was thrown out of the vehicle.

The crash happened after the car the child was riding in went airborne after going off of Louisiana Highway 440 in Washington Parish. The car ended up flipping over.

The driver of the vehicle ended up in the hospital with serious injuries. Officials say the child was not in a car seat and the driver was not wearing a seatbelt. The crash happened on Louisiana Highway 440 near Louisiana Highway 450.

Troopers are still working to determine exactly why Catlin Williams drove off of the ride side of the roadway leading to the death of one-year-old Caisen Williams.

Officials say they do not suspect that impairment was a factor in this crash, but they will run routine toxicology tests.

Troopers want to remind drivers that everyone in a vehicle in Louisiana must be restrained. Children must be in car seats, but unfortunately, they say three out of four car seats are not installed correctly. Each Troop throughout Louisiana does offer free help in installing child restraints.

The law detaining child restraints is very extensive. The law has also been amended multiple times over the years and can seem complex. What restraint your child uses can depend not only on their age but also their height and weight.

Buckle Up Louisiana has a complete list of times and places where parents can get help with their children's seats.

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