A few months ago, we mentioned the bill that was being pursued in Louisiana to protect referees of recreational sports.

The bill came soon after the outrage over the "non-call" during the Saints/Rams NFC Championship game.

As it turns out, the bill passed in the House. However, after making its way to the Senate, it stalled out.

Essentially, if the referee feels alarmed or threatened during a game by harassment or suffers "emotional distress," the bill would elicit penalties if someone is found guilty. That person could face up to 90 days in jail, along with mandatory counseling time and community service work.

I can say that I've seen with my own eyes, parents getting out of control, especially toward referees. Some of which are just kids who are trying to help out, and make a few extra dollars. This is who the bill is trying to protect.

A Senate judiciary committee suggested that the bill went too far. They didn't vote on the bill, giving Metairie Republican Rep. Cameron Henry (who proposed the bill) a chance to rework it.

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