Lafayette Parish DA Keith Stutes says that he has reviewed the case, and won't be accepting the charges.

Maegan Adkins-Barras, the mother of an Acadiana High student,  who posted video of a school fight to social media won't be charged after being arrested and posting bond.

Stutes wrote to KATC:

I have now received and reviewed the official report of the Scott Police Department submitted to the Office of the District Attorney for consideration of the formal filing of charges. The charge of the Unlawful Posting of Criminal Activity for Notoriety and Publicity (the offense under La. R.S. 14:107.4), reported of Meagan Adkins-Barras, occurring on or about February 20, 2019, will not be accepted for prosecution, for the fact that the circumstances do not support the proof necessary to establish all of the elements of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. As such, the charge is now considered declined or refused

He then continued:

The spirit and the letter of the offense require the person to be charged to be either a principal or accessory to the crime contained in the images obtained by an image recording device. Contrary to prior media reports, no action was considered, proposed or taken regarding the charges prior to receipt and review of the official report. Any assertions made by prior media reports that the charges would be amended or lessened were erroneous.

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