There's a good reason why DJs play other people's music.

Usher and Jermaine Dupri were at a Halloween party, but no one really recognized them because their costumes were pretty on point. But their costumes weren't the only thing making headlines.

While Usher and Jermaine were vibing out in the crowd while the DJ spun records to keep everyone moving. At one point Usher and Dupri were nodding their heads to 'Lovers and Friends'—a Lil Jon track featuring Usher—when the DJ killed the music and started to SING ALONG!

Not only was his singing terrible, he decided to sing Usher's part in the song.

Usher was rendered speechless and Jermaine Dupri's reaction was priceless.

As a DJ, I will let this be a reminder of why I'll just stick to playing the records.

[via Instagram]

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