Former Vermilion Catholic High School star athlete Jacoby Davis is reportedly suing the school, the school's principal, the school's pastor, and the Catholic Church.

The Vermilion Today reported the lawsuit, which was filed in the 15th Judicial District Court in Abbeville, states Davis was expelled from the school for an apparent violation of the school's morals policy. Davis allegedly impregnated a young woman while at the school.

Davis also hurled criticism at the school for allowing the young woman and another student to "remain in school without any form of sanctions on the part of the school," Vermilion Today reported. He said the school had no way of knowing if he was the biological father of the unborn child.

Davis' appeal of the expulsion was reportedly denied.

As a result of his expulsion, Davis said athletic scholarship offers dried up and he now suffers from "extreme anxiety and emotional distress, public embarrassment, and humiliation," and reportedly also became suicidal.

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