In the wake of the historic Hurricane Hilary, a viral video has emerged showcasing alleged California residents dancing joyfully in the floodwaters, a scene that has left many more alarmed than amused.

Hurricane Hilary, once a menacing category 4 storm, weakened as it approached and finally made its landfall on August 20, 2023, in Northern Mexico. It subsequently battered the Baja California peninsula and parts of the US, including Southern California, which witnessed rainfall of historic proportions. On this day, downtown Los Angeles and San Diego experienced their wettest August ever, recording 2.5 inches and 1.8 inches of rain respectively.

Such extreme weather is unusual for California, especially in August, which is typically a dry month. The aftermath was notably harsh in Southern California's desert regions: Palm Springs, for instance, was inundated with half a year's rainfall in just six hours, transforming its streets into muddy rivers. Major roads, like the I-10 in Coachella Valley, were rendered impassable.

While many were busy grappling with the immediate fallout of the storm, a few residents found a moment of levity. A video, posted by Twitter user @munch4spice, showcased several people engaging in a synchronized dance routine in the midst of the floodwaters.

However, the apparent fun and frolic was met with swift criticism from knowledgeable hurricane veterans. One user named Dee, highlighted the perilous nature of floodwaters, comparing them to sewage in terms of insurance categorization.

Another user, @ijayt205, expressed disbelief and concern when a participant immersed her face in the contaminated water. Jay raised alarms over the potential presence of flesh-eating bacteria in such waters.

The risks associated with floodwaters are manifold. They are often contaminated with sewage, chemicals, debris, and other hazards, making human contact a potential health nightmare, leading to a range of diseases, infections, and injuries.

As hurricane season intensifies, especially in places like South Louisiana, it's essential for residents to understand the inherent risks and exercise caution. This viral video serves as a stark reminder of the perils of swimming or playing in floodwaters, regardless of the cause behind the flooding. The key takeaway: while it's crucial to find moments of joy amidst the storms of life, safety should never be compromised.

Not even for TikTok.

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