A surveillance camera captured the moment where a driver blew through the fence of a backyard, destroying a home's pool and trampoline in the process. The shocking clip has gone viral on social media with the internet providing an array of reactions.

It was an ordinary day. That was, of course, until a sedan came barreling through the back fence of a home.


The vehicle struck the above-ground pool, sending water everywhere.


The vehicle finally came to a rest against the house after destroying a trampoline and a pool in one swoop.


Thankfully, the driver was able to get out of the vehicle and appeared to be unharmed.


An apparent law officer was conveniently near the scene of the crash and approached the woman to ensure her safety and ask what happened.

Driver Blows Through Backyard, Destroys Pool and Trampoline

See the full video via @3piececrispy on Twitter below.

Reactions to the clip coming from Twitter here.

One Twitter user believes that they found the specifics of the case online, although no official source is provided.

Certainly, if this was an incident that occurred near memorial day - it was a tough summer for this family with the lack of a pool or trampoline. Thankfully, no one was hurt!

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