A vintage video clip has recently surfaced that shows people dancing to a classic hip-hop track that can often be heard in Downtown Lafayette. While 'DJ Unk' has had his moment in the sun, the music he created lives strong in Acadiana bars and clubs just like it did in gymnasiums and dancehalls over a decade ago.

walk it out

There are many artists who have cemented their place in Acadiana club-culture over the years. Whether it be 'Lil Boosie', 'Webbie', 'Juvenille', or any other hit-makers from the past couple of decades - their songs drive so much energy that DJs around Lafayette are literally demanded to play their music on a regular basis.

Being one of those DJs, I am more than fine with playing some of these older tracks. It keeps the crowd happy, they are easy to sing along to, and most of the time - the staff can enjoy it as well.

While the song is certainly enjoyed today, it was most definitely enjoyed closer to its original release date back in 2006. Just check out some folks going absolutely wild to the song at a function back in the day.

Twitter via @ughemoni
Twitter via @ughemoni

Now, before we get to the 'Walk it Out' contest and the guy jigging with his shirt over his head - let's give "DJ Unk" his well-earned flowers.

Anthony "DJ Unk" Platt is responsible for a couple of massive tracks that are still beloved by many folks around Acadiana. Pop into any Downtown Lafayette bar for more than an hour and chances are, you may hear one of his songs.

DJ Unk 'Walk it Out' Music Video

See the original video from almost 16 years ago via YouTube below.

The video has nearly 38 million views on YouTube alone. As a DJ who sees music come and go like cars driving down I-10, 'Walk it Out' is a track that has withstood the test of time. To this very day, club-goers dance along to the entire song as if it had dropped yesterday.

Unk, a talent out of Atlanta, also went big with "2 Step" - which is another track that you can still hear if you head to Downtown Lafayette on any given weekend.

But just as you can see many people jamming out to "DJ Unk" and his body-moving today, we now have some vintage video to check out that shows his music being enjoyed back in the day.

Vintage Video Surfaces of 'Walk it Out' Contest in 2006

According to the Twitter user who shared the video, this was a 'Walk it Out' contest in 2006. See the clip shared by @ughemoni on Twitter below.

As you can see, this group is going hard. As far as I can tell, this event is in some sort of auditorium or gymnasium. This may even be a high-school dance, which would make perfect sense. If you went to a high school dance in South Louisiana between the years 2006-2016, chances are that you probably heard this song.

I would be curious to see more vintage videos, maybe even some from right here in Acadiana, that show high schoolers or young people dancing to songs that we still enjoy today. It just goes to show you - they don't make 'em like they used to!

What song do you remember playing at your high school dance? Let us know in the comments!

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