Lafayette, LA is more than ready for a Waffle House drive-thru.

Earlier today, my friend Evan posted a picture of a Waffle House drive-thru on Facebook and it reminded me that one actually exists. Literally—one single Waffle House drive-thru exists and it's in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I remember seeing it a few years ago, opening as an "experimental" restaurant.

Well, years have past and the experiment has to have yielded insanely positive results so I beg the question: Where are all the Waffle House drive-thrus at?

I would even be willing to settle for a "pick up to-go orders only" type window on our existing Waffle House locations here in town. Allow me to say that I understand the overall Waffle House experience is well worth it, but sometimes you just wanna roll through and scoop up some scattered, covered, and chunked goodness.

In closing, I would like to point out that we've managed to provide a home for the world's only Popeyes buffet, so I think we're more than capable of handling a drive-thru on our Waffle Houses.

Until then, I guess we gotta take a road trip to Stone Mountain.

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