You should not flaunt your support for Donald Trump at a Waka Flocka show. One University of Georgia student found that out the hard way at a recent concert. Kyle Weber, a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, wore a Trump jersey to Waka's gig and went home with some extra stains on it. As you can see in the above video, Waka Flocka wiped his ass with the young man's jersey.

Weber knew he was trolling by wearing the jersey, referencing the foolishness in a tweet before the show. The Georgia student said that his outfit choice was risky.

"I'm going to the Waka Flocka concert tonight wearing my President Trump basketball jersey," he wrote. "Hopefully I don't end up hospitalized #Risky."

Weber got more than he bargained for when Waka Flocka dropped his pants and proceeded to turn the jersey into makeshift toilet paper. After the show, the frat boy said it was something he would never forget.

"WARNING: Never wear a Trump shirt 2 a @WakaFlocka concert," Weber wrote. "He took it from me and used it to wipe his ass. 100% a concert I'll never forget."

Waka Flocka has been vocal about his distaste for Trump ever since the businessman first announced his intent to run for president. In July 2015, the Atlanta rapper was disgusted by Trump's incendiary comments about Mexican immigrants.


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