With COVID-19 cases continuing to rise we have already seen so many of our loved ones opt for small intimate Thanksgiving dinners. Chances are many of us will likely be celebrating with our immediate family instead of inviting extended family. So does this mean that many of us will be changing our traditional menu? An average turkey feeds about 10 people, with only 4 people at home, that seems rather excessive. Doesn't it?

Could lowkey Thanksgivings change the Thanksgiving meal that we have all come to love? Are traditional Thanksgiving menus gone for the smaller groups? Walmart knows there is a need for smaller turkeys, so they announced their plans to help folks who are hosting smaller Thanksgiving get-togethers. With the help of Walmart, many Americans can stick to the traditional menu by taking advantage of the smaller turkey options.

Walmart claims they will have plenty of turkeys this year, however, they have expanded the turkey game. They have increased their turkey options to include bone-in and boneless turkey breasts. They also anticipate that the huge 20-pound turkey won't be the star of the show anymore. In previous years, folks try to score the biggest turkey to feed several people. Since many Americans are opting for smaller thanksgiving gatherings Walmart will stock up on smaller turkeys to help Americans celebrate without the fear of excessive leftovers.


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