A Wal Mart shopper in Alvin, Texas chased 3 men attempting to steal 3 cases of beer. Video surveilance shows 42 year old Monique Lawless running out of the doors, chasing the suspects. She spotted the guys getting into their car, which was parked in the fire lane. Monique jumped onto the hood and began stomping their windshield. The suspects started their car in an attempt to get away, Mrs. Lawless jumped off the car and grabbed the door handle on the driver's side. The car then sped away, dragging Monique for a short distance where she hit the pavement hard. The three suspects were caught by state troopers an hour later at another Wal Mart and took them into custody. The suspects were between the ages of 19 and 21 . Monique said "They knew their chances of getting caught were slim to none. Those kids would have gotten away with it, celebrated their theft and probably continue to do it."

via [Daily Mail]