Heads-up to those of you who travel through the busy intersection in Lafayette known as Bertrand and West Congress!!! The devices used to control merging at the major intersection have been greatly improved and the "channel dividers" are back stronger than ever. By that I mean, there are NO MORE dividers laying down on the road and merging onto Congress from Bertrand may be a tad bit more difficult. Years ago, Lafayette traffic and transit instituted these type devices to help control merging at major intersections. Since then, many of these dividers have been run over and damaged, thus their purpose was quickly eliminated.



Drivers in Lafayette simply would weave through the channels on the road, thus allowing merging to become quicker and more simple at various intersections.

Well, as of this week, the dividers at Bertrand & Congress, near University Medical Center,  have been replaced and they are back up. Let's see how long it takes for a few of these dividers to be run over and damaged, thus the merging at this major intersection will be back to where it was just a few weeks ago.

If I had to make a prediction here, I'd say that FOUR of these "channel dividers" will be down by the end of Friday. With so much traffic coming through this intersection, the probability of these devices lasting are slim. With that said, please be careful as you move through this intersection if you are going to Rouses, University Medical Center or Cajun Field.

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