As we are approaching St Patrick's Day, it is always fun to see how other folks celebrate across the USA, and the world. Here in Acadiana we have Patty in the Parc, and in Chicago, they turn the Chicago River a bright green every year to celebrate.

You can watch the time lapse of the river being dyed below. It is completely fascinating and weird at the same time. And here's a few fun facts: the river has been dyed every year since 1962 by the Journeymen Plumbers Local Union in Chicago. At first, 100 lbs of dye was used, but today it is 25 lbs, and the river will remain green for a whole week. Orange food coloring is actually used for the dye, because it is better for the environment. The Butler and Rowan families are responsible for this unique annual tradition, and still meet up at the dyeing each year. Happy St Patrick's Day, fellow Irishmen!

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