Two tourist visiting St. Maarten Island were treated for injuries they sustained while attempting to hold on to a fence as a Jet Blue plane prepared for take-off. The man was treated for a broken leg and the woman, who is presumably the woman in the video, was treated for a deep cut to her head. Maho Beach is famous for its proximity to Princess Juiliana International Airport, which services the large Caribbean island.




According to The Telegraph, the runaway is rather short at this airport, thus planes have to use as much room as possible when it comes to landing and taking-off. We should warn you, someone of you may find this video to be graphic in nature...Warning!!!

I can't imagine why tourist continue to attempt to withstand this challenge. Hint, I think that the power and wind gust from the jet engines will always win. Also, I can't understand why the airport is built SO CLOSE to this beach. Was there no other place to build this airport other that "ON THE BEACH?"

WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some.