Less than 48 hours after he "stepped away" as head coach of the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton appeared on the nationally syndicated Dan Patrick Show radio show. (Listen to the Dan Patrick Show weekdays from 9 am to noon on ESPN Lafayette)

Payton told Patrick many of the same things he mentioned during his 90+ minute exiting press conference on Tuesday in New Orleans, but as is usually the case, when a talented broadcaster gets a one-on-one opportunity to interview someone, topics can be broached a little deeper.

Over the course of the 18+ minute interview, Patrick picked Payton's brain about why he's leaving the Saints now, why he wants to go into television, and when/if he plans to coach again.

Social media has been abuzz about Payton's next coaching stop, many believing he'll end up with the Dallas Cowboys as early as 2023.

If any team wanted to formally interview Payton, they would have to get permission from the Saints due to Payton's contract. However, a team could gauge his interview via "backchannels", per Payton.

Have any teams done so via back channels? Patrick pressed. Payton responded.

"No, no."

Did Payton say "no, no" about the Cowboys or Bears, or was it a "no, no" that he simply wasn't going to answer Patrick's question?

Payton will not be paid by the Saints, although his contract binds him to the team for the next three seasons.

If a team wanted to hire him during that time span, they would have to negotiate compensation with New Orleans.

While the "back-channel" interest is most notable from the interview, the most entertaining aspect of the interview was Patrick coaching Payton up on broadcasting, whether it be as an analyst or in the broadcast booth.

The entire interview is well worth the watch.

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