Go to Bourbon Street. Turn on a video camera. See what happens next.

The results are all over the map, from NSFW flashing, to zealots screaming where you will end up in the afterlife, to everything in between.

I worked briefly for nola.com in 2004, and one of my jobs was to be on a camera crew outside of "Cat's Meow" during the height of Mardi Gras as a reporter was live on the Bourbon cam, attempting to interview inebriated individuals from all over the world.

Many have asked me if it was fun.

It was not.

Following that Mardi Gras season, I never did it again. It was complete madness, especially when you're sober and trying to work.

Joey Kinsley is a popular social media star who rose to fame on TikTok, and has a large following across all his social media platforms. He goes by the name Sir Yacht, and often dresses up as Waldo.

The Sir Yacht show and twitter account tailors a ton of its comedy to the world of sports.

While Bourbon Street is different during Mardi Gras season, you can go anytime (with the exception of a pandemic) and spectate the madness, or be a part of it.

Sir Yacht recently made a trip to New Orleans, sharing his comedy on social media.

After noticing the spelling of words rooted in Louisiana, he decided to give a spelling be to Bourbon Street partygoers.

While he didn't properly pronounce "Atchafalaya", he did pick the right words to ask.

Here are more highlights of his trip to NOLA.

The French Quarter should be full of Louisiana Ragin' Cajun fans soon, as the fanbase attempts to raid downtown New Orleans the weekend of December 17th and 18th for the R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl.

One difference is, if you ask them to spell "Atchafalaya" or "Natchitoches", they may be able to do it, depending on their state of mind.

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