It seems like this happens every time we combine severe weather with prime time television.

A weatherman by the name of Jamie Simpson in Dayton, Ohio was Public Enemy #1 for some viewers of 'The Bachelorette' this past Monday night when he interrupted their program to warn them about a tornado that was headed their way. Could you imagine that? A weatherman, with the audacity to inform locals about weather that can cause catastrophic damage or worse? Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Obviously, my previous statement was dripping with sarcasm, but this weatherman did not find these complaints to be a laughing matter.

Simpson scolded viewers who were complaining about the weather update reminding them that the massive twister headed their way was a serious issue. After all, it did cause damage to buildings and homes in Dayton that was defined as "catastrophic."

As we prepare for tropical activity during hurricane season, let's not act like these viewers in Ohio when Rob Perillo is on our television with important information.

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