Have you ever thought about having your favorite artist/celebrity attend your private party or private function? If so, do you know what some of these celebrities are charging? Their talent fee will blow you away.

Here is the rundown of what some celebs are charging for appearances appearances, and what's really crazy is that people are paying them this ridiculous amount of money:

Beyonce: Up to $2 Million per appearance. No word if she shows up in some of the skimpy outfits we've seen her in on television.

Jay-Z: Charges up to $1.5 Million for personal appearances. Maybe a "Selfie" with Jay-Z is worth that to some, but not for me!!!

Cher: Gets up to $1.5 Million per appearance. Ummmmmm, no!!!!

Mariah Carey: Was once paid $1 Million to perform FOUR songs at an event!!! I'd pay good money for Mariah Carey to show up at my crib, but she'll have to sing a few Christmas carols to me while wearing just a huge Christmas stocking.

Christina Aguilera: Made $1 Million to sing FOUR songs at a private Halloween party. Again, if I had it, I'd pay Christina that type money for a private party. I would only request that she be a "Genie In A Bottle" if it were a Halloween party I was hosting.

Elton John: Commands $1.5 Million to $2 Million per private gig. No word if you have to supply the piano.

Vanilla Ice: Mr. "Ice, Ice Baby" charges 15-grand per party. I'm thinking if we start up a gofundme account today we can afford this for a "Friday Morning Breakfast Jam Party."

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