Ladies often say that the original wedding ban she puts on her husband's finger has a sentimental value to it, and that it's meaning can never be replaced. However, when ladies want a larger diamond ring, they are quick to push their original engagement ring to the side.

Having just got married, I am confused when it comes to the "meaning" of the original ring(s). I have already been warned to NOT LOSE my ring. Sure, it may not have cost as much as my wife's wedding ring, but she says it has a sentimental value that is irreplaceable.

Yet, I know the time will come, as it does in most marriages, when she may want a larger diamond on her finger. I ask, what does she do with her original diamond ring I gave her the night I asked for her hand in marriage? Does it not have a sentimental value as well?

I'm strictly speculating here, but I bet if I come home one day with a larger diamond for my wife she will quickly remove the original ring I gave her and place it with the newer ring, with the larger diamond of course. However, if I lose my original wedding ban she would have a hard time replacing it because of it's sentimental value. But wait, what about the original diamond ring I gave you? Is there no sentimental value there?

I ask you ladies, what do you do with the original diamond ring your husband gave you if he elects to give you a ring with a  larger diamond? I am confused. Please vote in the poll below and help we guys out.



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