As Louisiana folks are adjusting to this temperature shift, a lot of people have been contemplating whether or not to turn on the heater. Remember that hilarious thermostat checklist from a few years back? Well, it's making a comeback, and just in time for the cooler temperatures!

If you weren't around or missed it, here's a quick refresher. A cheeky photo detailing when to touch (or rather, not touch) that thermostat has been doing the rounds on social media. The photo was all about saving energy and poking fun at our unique Louisiana way of deciding when it's time to finally turn on the heat.

First spotted from a local Facebook user, Tabitha Michelle (shoutout to you, Tabitha!), this fun checklist went completely viral. Shared a whopping 200,000 times with over 20,000 comments, it's safe to say this Louisiana mama's thermostat rules captured our humor and hearts.

Now, let's dive into this legendary list! Before you think about turning on that heat, ask yourself:

  • Got socks on?
  • Rocking a long sleeve shirt?
  • Wearing your undies and pants?

If you nodded a "yes" to any of those, guess what? NO HEAT NEEDED! But if you shook your head with a "no," the advice is simple: "GET DRESSED."

Oh, and there's a bonus question. Can you see your breath? If not, you guessed it, NO HEAT NEEDED. But if you're puffing out little frosty clouds, then maybe consider putting on another layer before you crank up that thermostat.

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(Photo illustration by George Frey/Getty Images)

The moral of the story? Looks like many Louisiana households are all about conserving that energy, both during our sweltering summers and chillier winters. And let's be honest, it's a fun way to think about when it's truly time to turn on that heater.

So, Louisiana people, at what temperature do you finally give in and turn on the heater? And do these quirky rules resonate with your household? Let us know, and stay warm (or at least, well-dressed) out there!

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