After a long day, and more work to do, I decided to take a short nap as Mother Nature blessed Judice, La. with a nice steady Louisiana rain. I woke up to a large bird just outside my window. A large, not very colorful bird, yet stunning.

The wild bird was sitting on the fence staring right at me as though it were watching me nap. Hovering as a protector or hoping I was dead so it could have dinner.

I grabbed my phone from the nightstand and started to video the bird in the drizzling rain. I didn't want to get too close to the window as I would more than likely scare it away.

It's hard to tell how large it is in the video, this was no small bird. I have a fairly large hummingbird feeder you can see in the bottom left of the video and the wild bird was much larger than the feeder.

I've seen Eagles in Alaska, now this bird was not that large, but reminded me of one. And it didn't look like an owl, could it be an owl?

After a few minutes, the bird flew away (not seen in the video) and I had a chance to see its very impressive wingspan.

There's probably an app that identifies birds, but there isn't one on my phone. Who needs an app anyway, when I know there are hundreds of you that know exactly what this wild bird is.

Bird songs and calls identification app.

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