What would you do if you heard something that sounded like a child moaning at a car wash? It happened to me at a car wash near Judice Middle School.

The front of my car was covered in splattered baked-on bugs and I had been neglecting the poor car's paint job, so I decided to take a quick trip to the car wash near the house. I arrived, parked the car in one of the stalls and realized I had forgotten my VISA at home and had no cash on me. There was only one truck in another stall when I left to run back to the house for the credit card.

When I return to the car wash just a few minutes later, the truck was gone and I saw no other vehicles. I did see one lady making change at the change machine but didn't see a vehicle.

I swiped my VISA and began to was my car using the high-pressure soap setting. I sprayed the car down with the wand, but the bugs weren't budging. The automation only gives you about 3 minutes per swipe, so I went over and swiped my card again for another 3 minutes this time using the 'foaming brush' which obviously doesn't make as much noise as the wand.

I scrubbed the bugs off the front grille and bumper of my car and was working on the front windshield when I thought I heard a child in trouble. The sound was faint but loud enough for me to be able to tell the direction in which it was coming.

I threw down the brush in the middle of washing the car to see if a child was in trouble and needed help. As I rushed toward the sound, what I discovered made me laugh...hard!

Bad Vacation Behavior

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