Are there any discounts offered by insurance companies if I install a monitored security system in my house?
Yes. Most companies offer up to 20% discount on homeowner's insurance when a MONITORED security system is installed in your house. Some of them even offer a greater discount if MONITORED smoke detectors are installed as well. You will have to talk to your insurance company to find out what your discount would be.

Acadian Total Security will issue you a certificate of alarm that needs to be faxed or mailed to your insurance company as proof that your home is monitored.

Can I have pets in my house and still install a motion detector?
Yes, you can if you are using a "Pet Immune" sensor. Call Acadian Total Security for specific models and pricing.

Do I need a home phone line for your system? What happens when my phone line is cut? Does the system still send a signal to your central station?
Cellular security systems work independently and are not affected by home phone lines.

Do I need to buy cellular service to use a cellular security system?
No. 4G cellular is included in all cellular monitoring plans, there is no extra charge like most other companies.

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