I don't know what's worse: The fact that this kid is in college, or the fact that he knew every possible answer but the right one. A Reed College undergrad named Zach committed an "epic fail" on national television when he couldn't solve the simplest puzzle during a 'Wheel of Fortune' bonus round.

The answer is clearly "Magic Wand," but Zach is the only person on earth who couldn't figure that one out. Instead, he runs through the complete alphabet guessing "magic hand," "magic band," and my favorite, "magic pand." (WTF?,LOL) Once the buzzer sounds he finally belts out "MAGIC WAND," but it's too late.

I applaud Pat Sajak for being able to contain his laughter and instead uttering "Uh, wow." I wonder if he knows the difference between Jay-Z and LMFAO?

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