A viral video shows an altercation between a man and someone who appears to be a street musician on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. The scuffle in the streets of New Orleans seemingly was brought upon by a wheelchair-bound trumpeter.


New Orleans is a special place filled with unique and incredible people. More specifically, the French Quarter is always moving and shaking with musicians, artists, and many just looking for a good time.

But, one man doesn't seem to be having the best time on Bourbon as a viral video shows a fight that broke out in the middle of the day.


The video shows a man, who is seemingly bound to a wheelchair, following after another individual.

Audio from the clip sounds as though the man in the wheelchair is telling the other man, "give me my round", as he is trying to remove himself from the situation.

But eventually, things came to a head and blows were exchanged.

Twitter via @ImJokedTfOut
Twitter via @ImJokedTfOut

At one point, one man can be seen hitting the other with what appears to be a belt.

Wheelchair-Bound Trumpeter Gets Beaten with Belt on Bourbon Street

See the video for yourself via @ImJokedTfOut below.

Reactions to the clip here.

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