Ah, it's the time of year when the birds are singing, mornings are still cool enough to sit on the back deck, pastels and Easter candy sugar rushes are running through our brains, probably in an attempt to avoid this question: When do I have to file my 2017 taxes?

These roads we drive on (though under-maintained), the firemen and police who protect us (though under-paid), and the weekend golfing trips our elected officials enjoy don't pay for themselves: we must pay for them. And if we don't pay up in time, we get a little visit from representatives of our government. (It starts with a letter in the mail, but I don't want to put visions of THAT nightmare in your head this early in the morning.)

Our normal Tax Day, the day that our federal taxes are due, is April 15 but, this year, thanks to Pope Gregory VIII, the 15th falls on a Saturday. And, since those working so hard to make sure we pay up on time have a day off for Emancipation Day (a VERY important day in American History, which is actually April 16, but since that is a Sunday it is observed on Monday, April 17), we are given a few days reprieve.

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 is Tax Day this year (according to the IRS website), which gives you 3 extra days to sweat it out. (Gayla, I'll see you on the 18th!)

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