There’s more drama coming down the pike for Bobbi Kristina and her reported boyfriend, Nick Gordon, who just so happens to be her late mother Whitney Houston‘s unofficially “adopted” son. We know, we know, what a tangled mess. Allegedly, Houston’s mother and BK’s grandmother, gospel singer Cissy Houston, is not happy about the PDA-filled romance between the two.

TMZ reports that Cissy had a conniption when she saw TMZ’s video footage of BK and Gordon being affectionate. The Houston family matriarch reportedly told a close friend that she disapproves of the relationship, saying “What they’re doing is incestuous.” She also feels that her granddaughter is in the middle of the biggest trauma of her life and has issues, which Gordon is exploiting.

Gordon had been addressing the relationship via Twitter, but he has since deleted all previous tweets defending the romance. He did state that he had earned the trust of the family throughout his life.

For her part, Bobbi Kris has remained rather quiet on the matter. She hasn’t been active on Twitter but she has not exactly been attempting to conceal her feelings, as they’ve been snapped while hugging and kissing.

We reported that Whitney was aware of and approved of the budding romance and to clarify, any relationship between BK and Gordon is not incestuous in scientific terms, since there is no blood relation. Houston did not give birth to him. She did, however, raise him as her own. He was not a hot topic in the press prior to her death and not much was known about him previously.

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