Who is Matt Rife and why is everyone posting about getting tickets to his show?

If you're already a fan of Matt Rife and well aware of who he is, then it's highly likely that you're the "everyone" that we're talking about, but we've seen enough people asking, so we're gonna put this out there so you can be in on all the hype that is currently dominating our social media timelines.

Chances are you had no idea who this guy was until you hit Google or one of your friends shot you a video of him doing stand-up comedy in a tiny dark room. Matt Rife is notorious for doing more intimate shows that allow him to fully engage his audience.

He has countless viral bits like “The Lazy Hero” which is the result of him asking an audience member a simple question that ends up turning into a very public conversation about why she broke up with her boyfriend. You might even find yourself questioning if he even prepares for his live shows since the majority of his content is so candid.

Not only is he a world-famous comedian, but he is also known for his guest appearances on the series Wild ‘n Out and Brooklyn Nine-Nine just to name a few. So, while many people argue Matt Rife is an overnight success, he has been putting in the work since he was 15 years old; way before TikTok even existed.

By the way, the jokes and memes that the hype has produced is downright hilarious (because it's true, right?).

More recently, his self-produced comedy specials, Only Fans (2021), and Matthew Steven Rife (2023), both received an average of a seven out of ten-star rating. But the real reason Matt Rife is all anyone can talk about is that he just announced his ProbleMattic World Tour with the help of Ashton Kutcher and Mia Kunis.

The New Orleans, Louisiana show is sold out, but the good news is the next sale will begin Thursday, June 8th at 10 AM CT. If you are interested in seeing what all the hype is about set your alarms to score tickets.

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If you already got tickets, then congratulations—and thank you for infiltrating our newsfeeds for the past 48 hours and inspiring this post. 😅

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