Who knew pork rinds were healthy? I sure didn’t. I have a friend who is very health-conscious, fit and is always looking at the nutrition fact labels on everything she wants to eat. Well, when I saw her with a bag of pork rinds in her hand, I was shocked.  I was in disbelief with her response when I asked her if she was having a “cheat day” and she told me pork rinds are healthy. After talking to her about it and doing a little research, I am happy to share this wonderful news just in case there are people like me, who thought deep-fried pig skin can only be bad for you.  Yes, pork rinds are a healthy snack, but you just need to consume it in moderation and not “pig out”.

Facebook, Gringos Pork Rinds
Facebook, Gringos Pork Rinds

How are they healthy? First of all, they contain zero carbohydrates. In every ounce of serving, they contain 17 grams of protein and 9 grams of fat. The best part is that the fat content in pork rinds is made of 43% unsaturated fat. Unsaturated fat is considered healthy fat which can help reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood cholesterol levels. Isn’t that crazy? I always thought pork rinds (pork skins) would increase your chances of heart disease and this whole time it can help REDUCE that risk. They also contain oleic acid, which is the same unsaturated fat contained in olive oil.  It contains nine times more protein than the same serving of potato chips. Normally, they're seasoned with salt because they have a naturally bland taste. Supposedly, eating a handful of this snack will supply your body with gelatin, an unusable protein that can help protect your joints and improve sleeping conditions.

Just in case you’re wondering, cracklins are not the same as pork skins. Pork skins are made from just the skin of the hog. Cracklins are the skin with the layer of fat beneath it.

Who knew? Junk food that’s actually good for you.

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